Powder Coating

In powder coating, powder paint is applied to the surface of the selected object using a special gun that works on the principle of electrostatics. This method of powder coating can be used to treat various types of metal products, which can be coated in any colour you wish, and then baked in an oven.

Powder coating has a number of advantages over other techniques, as it is more environmentally friendly and, in addition to better paint yield, it achieves more specific colour effects.

  • Environmentally friendly: Powder coating is a more environmentally friendly method as it does not contain solvents and does not produce harmful emissions.
  • Better paint utilization: When powder coating is used, the paint is better utilized as most of the powder adheres to the surface and less of it remains unused.
  • Specific colour effects: Powder coating allows more specific and unique colour effects to be achieved on surfaces.

Preparation for powder coating involves, among other activities, washing the pieces by adding Surtec 601 all-purpose detergent. The process of adding this detergent is called phosphating. The phosphate degreases the pieces and lightly chemicaly wears the material. This process results in a strong adhesion of the paint on all types of metal.

The paint shop boasts a demi system, or water demineralization process, which removes limescale and all impurities. This process ensures that the pieces are washed with consistently clean water, without any traces of detergent or degreaser, while at the same time achieving better paint adhesion. The demineralization process also allows us to be more economical and ecological, as the washing water is changed once every three months.

Euroimpianti EURO 90

We can powder coat pieces not exceeding the following dimensions:

  • Max length: 2500 mm
  • Max width: 700 mm
  • Max height: 1200 mm