Milling is carried out on machining centres manufactured by Brother, a renowned Japanese manufacturer.

The three-axis Speedio S1000X1 boasts one of the fastest tool changes in the industry and accelerated feed on the x and y axes. The combination of different technologies and qualities of milling centre allows us to produce complex and high-quality pieces in the shortest possible time. With the appropriate computer equipment and in-house know-how, we achieve reliable and high-quality production processes.

Brother Speedio S1000X1

  • Travels X axis: 1000 mm
  • Travels Y axis: 500 mm
  • Travels Z axis: 300 mm
  • Coolant Through Spindle (CTS)
  • Tool change time: 0.8 sec
  • Tool storage capacity: 21 pcs

Brother TC-R2A

  • Travels X axis: 320 mm
  • Travels Y axis: 420 mm
  • Travels Z axis: 270 mm
  • Main spindle motor: 10000 rpm
  • Tool change time: 1,8 sec
  • Tool storage capacity: 14 pcs