About us

At Klas Metal, we have been working in the field of metal production for more than 40 years. The range of experience we have accumulated so far guarantees the expertise and professionalism of our work.

We are a family-owned company which, since its foundation in 1983, has been devoted to the manufacture of metal products made from sheet metal, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Over the years, we have expanded our activities and added other services, such as stamping inserts, powder coating, UV printing and laser welding.

This comprehensive service completes our offer in the field of metal processing and production.


In 2023, we have moved from several sites into one modern production facility. This move has enabled us to better organize and optimize production processes and to consolidate resources. Our manufacturing company has become even more efficient, which is reflected in the quality of our products and faster responsiveness to market demands.


At our company, we believe in environmental responsibility.

We are proud to announce that we have become energy self-sufficient by generating electricity using solar panels. We are committed to sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment for future generations.


We are committed to quality, professional and time-optimized fabrication, and machining of metal products and to a professional and expert approach to the execution of all the services we offer you.

We carry out our work with an ear to your needs and wishes, knowing that only a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

We employ highly qualified professionals to offer first-class products and services and to ensure customer satisfaction, as we are constantly monitoring and introducing technological innovations. We place great emphasis on the knowledge and continuous training of our employees, who, in addition to their knowledge, also have many years of experience, while the excellent equipment of our machinery fleet, which consists of machines from renowned manufacturers such as Amada, Trumph GmbH, PEM and Haeger, ensures a professional and competitive service.
The flexibility of our work allows us to adapt quickly to the market and affordably competitiveness and accessibility.

Our vision for the development of our company includes the continuous expansion of our activities and the improvement of our services, always with the needs and wishes of our clients in mind. In the future, we aim to further expand our business and to conquer new markets with our work.